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Toyota's stylists wanted to make it clear that their new Supra was something special, and they succeeded. Though this car lacks the sleek sports-car perfection of the RX-7, it has an unmistakable presence all its own: low, squat and slightly outrageous, particularly the high-winged Turbo edition. The overall design isn't as well-integrated as its prime rival, the 300ZX, but its weight distribution is exemplary, a key element in this car's balanced handling.

The Toyota Supra evolved as an increasingly overstuffed, over-weight personal luxury car. Though it was portrayed as a high-performance sport coupe, its true character fell more into the realm of rolling hedonism.

Unchanged for 1995, the Supra Toyota comes in two basic editions, Turbo and non-Turbo, and both offer motoring alfresco if you order the optional removable roof panel. We went with the base model, which boasted impressive standard equipment such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), air conditioning, power mirrors and locks, and cruise control. Total cost: $37,757.

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The standard Supra car has a 5-speed manual transmission as basic equipment, while Turbo toyota models get a 6-speed. A 4-speed automatic is optional across the board, Turbo and non-Turbo alike.

A sophisticated ABS, capable of integrating cornering loads into its computations, is standard on all models. The brakes themselves - big vented discs fore and aft - are impressive in the standard Supra, and the Turbo's even bigger brake rotors, with spiral venting up front, are positively race worthy.

The tires, too, are clearly performance-oriented: fat, low-profile and rated for speeds higher than 150 mph. The standard Supra rolls on 16-in. alloy wheels, the Turbo on 17-inches.

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With or without turbocharging, the Supra is something of a rolling light show. There are six lights up front, not counting marker lamps, and eight across the stern, not counting the high-mounted centered brake light. It's an arrange-ment that helps to set the Supra apart, and certainly lets other drivers know when you're coming - or going.

Both Toyota Supra engines are 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinders, with dual overhead cam-shafts and 24 valves, an engine design that's been under continuous develop-ment at Toyota for a long time. Although an I-6 doesn't lend itself to packaging as well as a V6, it's inherently smoother, as the Supra engine illustrates. It's also potent. Without turbocharging, the Supra engine generates a very respectable 220 hp. With sequential twin turbos - one spinning continuously for good low-speed response, the other kicking in when you want to unleash all the horses - output jumps to 320 hp.

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